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And when the group announces its plans to "franchise" out TV Mania licenses to those who wish to create modern takes on the same theme, marketing gurus and tech-heads alike will be pleased to see a couple of 50-somethings putting young hipsters on notice. Yes, she sung live after all of the controversy with the National Anthem. And it was so fascinating that TV companies begged them to buy the rights to what they were doing with the family.

Since their early-’80s heyday as de rigueur New Romantic pinups, Duran Duran have sometimes found chart success as easy as — to borrow one oftheir more memorable lyrics — a nuclear war.

America's A-list pop celebs have been giving them strong support.

Justin Timberlake confessed his undying love for the band while handing them their Brit award in February.

Then, in the ’90s, it becameembarrassing to do that, so we learned to perform properly. The fact that I’ve got three guys and a manager who all go, “You’reputting on a bit of weight in that picture, your trousers look tight,”keeps me straight.

“Hungry Like a Wolf” is a pretty normal thing to say, isn’t it? Generally we all know what’s bad for us, whetherit’s booze, drugs, fat, or sugar. I don’t think there’s an age limit, as long as the music’s good. I don’t see why we can’tgrow old disgracefully like them.

After that comes a new album, Astronaut, the first to feature all five original members since Seven and the Ragged Tiger way back in 1984.

For most of the 20 years since, it has been a long, gentle slide downhill for a group who fetched up in the 21st century playing small clubs with only two of their original line-up, the vocalist Simon Le Bon and the keyboard player Nick Rhodes, still in place.

The 41-years-old Mortimer is believed to be romantically linked with a girl after his divorce. Topper who was featured on The Post’s list as the most eligible bachelors in the city was found to be dating Meredith Ostrum currently.Let’s unravel about Topper’s current affairs and relationships.Topper is also known for belonging to one of the wealthiest family and an heir to the Standard Oil Fortune.They seemed hopelessly out of time, marooned in the brash-flash era of the early 1980s.Four years on, they look set to reclaim their place as the most enduringly successful pop act Britain has produced over the past 25 years. Having collected three lifetime achievement awards in the past 12 months - courtesy of the Brits, MTV and Q magazine - and played to the largest audiences of their career here in 2003 (200,000 tickets sold), Duran Duran are, by some yardsticks, more of a happening proposition now than they were in their heyday.

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They suffered a slump in the public's affections - in 1982, the newlywed Princess Diana said they were her favourite band; 20 years later they couldn't even get a record contract - but "Durandemonium" is on its way back.

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