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Our sincere apologies go out to Placebo’s loyal American fans who have waited a long time to see the band.We will try and do everything to re-arrange the dates as soon as possible”.Molko (36) has partied to the gates of hell and understands the price you end up paying. There is only so long that your body can take it." Was it hard staying on the straight and narrow?A few years back, the musician -- renowned for his androgynous chic, tart wit and hedonistic lifestyle -- found himself staring into a personal abyss. Relationships within the band had all but disintegrated. It's not something you decide one day, and that's it. "You know, the definition of insanity is repeating the same behaviour over and over, expecting different results.said on 22/Aug/16 Rob, the more I look at him with other people in pics the less I'm convinced he's a full 5'6" guy. I think it would be spot on for him as he definitely looks taller than 5'5" but not quite a full 5'6".

Riverman Management commented, “This is pretty devastating for everyone – we’ve only ever cancelled 3 shows in Placebo’s 14 year history, however Brian’s health is paramount.A conversation with Placebo's Brian Molko can lead to some dark and disturbing places."Pete Doherty, Amy Winehouse -- God bless them," says the singer. All you have to do is look at the car-crash that is Amy Winehouse to see that hedonism doesn't really work and will eventually rob you of your creativity and your ability to perform." He should know.Brian is now back home in London recovering, but has been ordered by his doctors to take a 6 week long period of rest.Regrettably therefore, the band and management have no option but to postpone the forthcoming North American tour.

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A similar incident just happened to Steven Tyler and Aerosmith (which is related to the new ZZ Top show at the Beacon Theatre).

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