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After being cut from the Calgary Stampeders of CFL two months into the 1995 season, Johnson began training for a career in professional wrestling, following in the footsteps of various family members, including his grandfather and his father, Rocky Johnson, from whom he inherited Canadian citizenship in 2009.Johnson gained mainstream fame in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF, now WWE) from 1996 to 2004 and was the first third-generation wrestler in the company's history.Presented by Rav Wilding My Wife and Kids pm - pm Vanessa's father moves in after his wife kicks him out of their home My Wife and Kids pm - pm Part one of two.Michael and Jay reminisce about the good times they have shared together My Wife and Kids pm - pm Part two of two.Joey Bada$$ mighta gotten a taste of his own waves -- electromagnetic waves from the sun, that is ...'cause he's rockin' new eyewear after pulling a Trump during the solar eclipse.

If distance presents a problem, try joining an Ohio genealogy mailing list for the locality and perhaps you will locate someone in the area who can do a newspaper lookup for you.

When she comes out wearing that pink and orange Versace dress, and starts to wail "Ohh-oh!

", that's the pivotal high point the video's build up to.

The New York rapper posted a pic of himself Thursday with a pair of doctor-prescribed sun glasses that he says he's gotta wear during the day from now on ... He seems to like 'em though, he's calling them "pretty fire." On its face, the new day shades seem to confirm possible eye damage Joey suffered at the hands of Monday's eclipse -- which he says he stared at without protective glasses ...

this right before he canceled a few shows that many pegged to his Trump stunt. Trump did the same from a balcony at the White House, staring at the solar eclipse naked eyed at least twice.

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Daniel Cormier looked suspicious as he waded in the waters of Hawaii ...

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