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Note that errors of well-formedness (such as mismatched start and end tags), if such exist, are displayed prior to validation errors being displayed.

So the button will be enabled only when a validation error is reached (that is, after alll well-formedness errors have been corrected).

You can specify that a document be automatically validated when a file is opened or saved ( command.

If a document is valid, a successful validation message is displayed in the Messages window.

Validation is performed against the schema defined in the XML Schema Definition (XSD) language file for node XML: .

Now to list all errors in one go, we need to populate list of errors by overriding error handling behaviour of the validate().

We need to add a custom Error Handler which populates a list of validation errors. Validator validator = Validator() List exceptions = [] //Empty list to store errors //Create a custom error handler that populates the list when errors occur.

Although the procedure in this topic explains how to perform the validation using XML Notepad 2007, if you prefer you can use a different XML authoring tool that is capable of validating an XML file against an XSD language file.

The XSD language file for node XML is available on the head node, in the If there are any errors in the node XML file, they will be listed in the Error List tab, at the bottom of the XML Notepad 2007 window.

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