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So Verizon lost 0 from me right then and there due to their crummy totalitarian restrictive policies.

The reason I got an S5 instead of S6 is because I really wanted the option to upgrade storage as desired through a micro SD card.

A couple months ago, I switched to Verizon prepaid from Virgin Mobile.

I was a Virgin Mobile customer for many years, but I finally became fed up with the slow internet connection and limited phone availability. In the past year or so, the major providers started catching on and releasing prepaid services.

I was extremely happy with the phone, until, that is, I discovered I could not root it.

Upon which, I promptly returned the phone for a full refund of 0 and instead got a Verizon Galaxy S5 for 0 on craigslist.

Software updates are regularly released to mobile devices not only to improve the performance of the device but to also to fix the bugs that currently exists as well as increase its security.

With Virgin Mobile, the internet was pretty much useless because it took 10 minutes to load one page. With Virgin Mobile, the calls often broke up and I had to speak louder or sometimes there was an echo. The first phone I got with Verizon was the Motorola Turbo 64GB. I was OK with no SD card, since I could get a 64GB special edition version that wasn’t available on the website (only 32GB is available now), but there were a couple in my local store.

I will never get on a contract plan again, so with the new prepaid plans it offered me the ability to switch.

Verizon is the one I decided on, which for per month I have 2gb of 4G data (more than I will ever use since I’m usually on WIFI), and unlimited calling and texting.

We will be more than happy to assist you with any concern that you may have with your device.

This is a free service we are offering with no strings attached.

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