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I'd probably ask her to go for a walk after the sit down, have a piece of gum, and offer to loan her one myself. To me, there just aren't many faster turnoffs than when you move in for the kiss, the mouth opens and the stench of the undead seeps out.

That way by the time it got to the good bye kiss, I wouldn't have to worry about onion breath, and I could retrieve that piece of gum. And if you are really concerned about it, try to not shovel raw onions down your gullet on a first date. I was discussing this very same topic the other day with some friends at the health club.

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Relationships should understand the difference between things and individuals in country even of day waiting.Would you end the date, would you see her again or would you shove her socks right in there and say, Sayonara and save your sanity?? As long as she freshened up after eating them, it's no problem. Now if she puts her mouth on me and my eyes start watering.. Either one is not a smell you like to smell but if is because we just ate, and she has a little smell of that food, then that's no problem.I understand the situation, and I know she's a clean woman overall. Bad breath is a whole other animal, that's just cleanliness not done right and that's a BIG turn off. I like spicier foods myself, so onion and garlic isn't so bad.1 447 Online Dating and Personals Software - Dating scripts, software packages for dating, matchmaking, personals web Dating - online dating script with free installation, lifetime upgrades and technical support. 98 1507 Dating, personals, profile rating, matchmaking script.

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