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The literary style is terse and often cryptic, so that multiple interpretations of the individual sections are often possible, but the essence of the work is clear, in communicating an approach to life which is in accord with the natural, and so conducive to spiritual tranquillity and resilience. From present to ancient times Its name was never lost. travelling leaves no track: Expert speaking is free of faults. Know the bright But keep to the shadows, And be a pattern for the realm. In military matters The right is the place of honour. When there are mounds of dead One should weep with sorrow.

Like the Homeric texts, the Tao Te Ching has been ascribed to a single author and to many. If you are a pattern for the realm Then constant virtue will not be lacking And you will return to the unlimited. Since weapons are instruments of evil, They are not the instruments of the gentleman.

The whole boys-wear-blue-girls-wear-pink thing is - thankfully - on the way out.The title may be translated as Instruction regarding the Way of Virtue. Aligned with the heavens you are one with the heavens. So the nobleman travels all day Without losing sight of the heavy wagons. Consisting of eighty-one short sections in a poetic style, the text ranges widely in content, from practical advice to universal wisdom, embracing politics, society and the personal. When he’s secure behind walls and towers, Then he’s at rest and without trouble. Ella had dressed up Friday night in a lacy black crop top over a bit of sparse black netting that stretched over her enviably chiseled midriff.Scroll down for video "It's not pink, it's salmon," Ross Geller in Friends once angrily proclaimed in defence of his shirt.

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Of course, as noted above, things only get worse once you graduate.

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