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You could have just picked one, but you cain’t, because you triflin’.”Steve Harvey has long been a successful comedian and radio personality, but his career really took off when he began dispensing no-holds-barred relationship advice. And women can’t seem to get enough of Harvey’s straight shooting, sending his first book “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man,” onto the New York Times bestseller list and prompting his recent follow-up, “Straight Talk, No Chaser.“Harvey is not without detractors, who point out the thrice-married comic relies on played-out gender stereotypes and places all the blame for bad relationships on women, while ensuring that men are left largely to their own devices.

But in a world where love advice comes from televised matchmakers who want to regulate everything from how you dress to how much curl to put in your hair, Harvey delivers his tart takes with charm.

As a divorcee well into her thirties with plenty of “dating the wrong guy” experience, and as someone who studies and discusses women, desire and relationships often, I won’t count out a woman’s need to investigate her own feelings about sharing sex and the expectations that follow- AND how those expectations will affect her feelings of self worth and esteem.

A woman who understands that she becomes extremely emotionally attached to her partner post-coitus may need significant time to determine who her potential partner is and where the relationship may go after sex.

To them, cementing rules make them feel powerful and in control of their bodies and their sex. Many of the women in my circle, who share my age and experience, completely dismiss the ninety-day dating rule as pure and utter bullsh*t.It was shocking news for all of us when we came to know that this couple is now separated.Find a travel buddy for Europe Searching for a travel partner to share your European adventures? But money belts don't work if they're anywhere but under your clothes.I once met an American woman whose purse was stolen, and in her purse was her money belt (that juicy little anecdote was featured in every street-thief newsletter).

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