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Writer's note: All characters are over 18 years of age -- blah blah blah, etc.

This is my entry into the Literotica Nude Day Contest 2013.

That was my intent, to make it at least a little bit credible since, "Hi, Dad. Hey, Mum, Dad's got a hard-on, it'd be a shame to waste it", just doesn't seem plausible to me ... Prologue Eammon Eammon Morgan's fingers tightened on the steering wheel when he flicked a glance at the rear view mirror and his eyes brushed over the young man sitting in the back seat. To Eammon, she was precious, and he intended to protect her from the world, from pain and heartbreak, as long as he had breath in his body. " he called, and then threw a look over his shoulder to check on the gap between his daughter and her recently acquired boyfriend.Aber wenn man wie ich als Verkäufer nicht sehr viel verdient, dann muss man eben genau rechnen und kann sich einfach nicht jeden Luxus gönnen, den man gerne genießen möchte.Doch dann eröffnete mit großem Pomp und lauten Ankündigungen in unserer Stadt ein Puff der anderen Art.There are over 23 categories in which you can participate of which 16 are english driven and the others non-english. Personally, I love to use the search page to type in something specific I am looking for, like big tits, or threesome, and then read the material that come up for that.This site has been around for ages so there is basically just years of the people with the dirtiest minds pouring out their sexiest ideas.

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