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Paul Janka is a 30 something playboy from New York, one of the biggest the city has ever had (by number of women slept with).He fell into the role of a 'dating coach' when he was accidentally discovered by the media in the New York area.

Paul is a graduate with a Physics degree from Harvard University.

But of course, it’s not enough having some picture.

The picture needs to be good, it hast o stand out from the crowd.

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Janka believes that the most effective way to pick up a woman is by keeping the conversation short. Luxury Problems - Consequences of the Player Lifestyle "Judge a woman based on how she behaves, not on how she looks." “You can’t hit on girls you’re not attracted to, ‘cause that won’t teach you anything.” “The shortest distance between a man and woman is a girl talking.” “Part of the beauty of new interactions is that no one knows about my past.” “I say very little on a date, I touch a lot and I OFTEN have sex.” “Chance will not get you laid.

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