Effect media has on dating

If someone doesn’t text us back immediately, we feel like we’re not important enough for them to respond.

Why do we connect these insignificant messages so much to our self worth?

who now works on Wall Street, talked to TIME about how social media has shaped her generation, digital breakups, people who check their phone during sex, and what it's like to Google yourself when you're an ex-reality show star.

Read the review of You say in the book that you’re always thinking about text messages when you’re doing something else.

The generation of children born today will always know the impact social media has when it comes to romantic relationships.

However, the people in my generation who remember what the world was like before social media existed will always have a unique perspective about how we relate differently to each other in the post-social media world as compared to the pre-social media world.

Some 65% of boys with relationship experience who use social media agree that these sites make them feel more connected about what’s going on in their significant other’s life (compared with 52% of girls).I remember when finding a romantic partner via social media was almost considered embarrassing. For years people thought finding love online wasn’t genuine or real.All that has changed now since one out of eight marriages in the United States began online.Not only are more and more people breaking up via their Facebook status, but Facebook has become divorce attorney gold.There is even a put together this lovely heart-filled infographic which breaks it all down in a funny yet interesting way.

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