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In association with Brittain's, of Cheddleton (the paper manufacturers), he devised a thin printing tissue with a detachable backing, known as 'Duplex' paper, which facilitated the handling of lithographic sheets.The invention helped to make the litho process commercially viable.The pottery manufacturer is the oldest privately held porcelain factory in Bavaria.The company produces dinnerware, tea sets and dining accessories.We have been established collectors for over 20 years and in 1998 decided that we would like to share our passion with others.Our aim is to have pieces that are slightly out of the ordinary, we have a large collection of pieces from Doulton's Lambeth and Stoke on Trent factories and as well as these we have interesting pieces from Worcester, Royal Winton, Shelley, Crown Devon and Carlton and many others, we try and cover the period from c1850 to 1950 specialising in the Art Nouveau and Art Deco styles.We are pleased to have been verified by Paypal as International dealers and so credit card payments payment may be made at the paypal website please remember that prices include postage only in the UK so please ask for an international shipping quote first We hope you enjoy your visit here, this site is updated regularly and so come back here as often as you like.

Royal Winton was the industry leader in developing processes that allowed the intricately patterned chintz pieces to be economically produced for the masses, and the popularity of chintz patterns increased significantly.One mark features an artist's palette with the words "Tettau Atelier," and the other mark has two lions holding a banner in between them with a "T" on the banner and the words "Royal Bayreuth Bavaria" surrounding the lions.Royal Bayreuth porcelain has been made since 1794 in Tettau, Bavaria, Germany.Leonard Grimwade and his brother Sydney began a small pottery trade in Stroke-on-Trent in 1885.Working out of what was little more than a shack, Grimwades Limited became widely known in a short period of time due to Leonard's innate feel for ceramic designs that would be popular with customers.

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For the rest of the 20th century, dual lions adorned many of Royal Bayreuth's pieces. Zone" because American troops occupied Bavaria following World War II.

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