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The shop has been in Roeland's family since the 1970s, when his grandfather bought it; Roeland began working there in 1990, when he was 10 years old, and he has never left.

In addition to working at the shop, Roeland recently completed a master's degree at Amsterdam University.

His thesis was a study of the tile collection at Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum.

On a recent afternoon, Roeland helped me climb a steep staircase to a balcony overlooking his shop, where we sat for an hour while he gave me a primer on Dutch antique tiles.

You can examine all the standards there, but you cannot store them or copy any contents of the standards. Just like any book, CD-ROM or any other publication, the standards – both on paper and digital – are protected by copyright.Thereby the method can be used to determine the time of deposition and burial of sediments, or the time of baking of ceramic artefacts (pottery, brick).The method has a wide age range, covering the period from a few years to half a million years.Delft was made in England in the eighteenth century.It is decorated with blue on white or with colored decorations. Twenty-first century so-called delft is often porcelain.

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The other NCL partners are Cultural Heritage Agency (RCE), Delft University of Technology, Deltares, Leiden University and Utrecht University.

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