Arizona radiogenic helium dating laboratory

This got a nice News & Views, and some good publicity, for example here, here, and here.This is also closely related to UA alum Clare Tochilin's cool paper on Antarctic erosion, here.“We have a lot of science before us and this is a very real and challenging opportunity.”Ault is a 2017 recipient of a prestigious Faculty Early Career Development ‘CAREER’ Award from the National Science Foundation.The NSF’s highly competitive grant program for junior faculty, CAREER awards recognize demonstrated excellence in research, teaching and the integration of education and research.Ault’s award provides a five-year grant of 1,000.The Wasatch Fault provides an accessible natural laboratory for Utah’s residents, including students at Perry, Utah’s Promontory School for Expeditionary Learning.Because this distance is similar (within factor of ~10) as the size of typically dated crystals, an upward correction to the measured He (or downward correction to measured U, Th, and Sm) is required to account for He ejected from them (Farley et al., 1996; Hourigan et al., 2005).

“It’s important they have role models, who can instill a passion for science that will grow.Just to show you what I've been up to lately, here is a shot of some of my favorite secondary minerals from my favorite place in the world.•Check out Stuart Thomson's recent paper on the landscape evolution of subglacial East Antarctica.Some of the most exciting advances in the field are being driven by laser-ablation multicollector ICP mass spectrometers, which allow for rapid determination of U-Th-Pb ages with micron-scale spatial resolution.These instruments are fundamentally changing the way geochronologic information is utilized in Earth Science research.

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